We rescue child slaves and feed hungry people.

What we do

Mercy29 is a non-profit organization. Our mandate is to investigate the case of those that we do not know, giving hope along with a future. We aim to deliver the poor that have no helper by aiding orphans and widows, as well as entire families suffering from systemic poverty.

Our mission is to love

Love the untouchable, the outcast, and the overlooked. Mercy29 was founded on this simple purpose and we believe that everyone, no matter how small or poor, deserves unconditional love from their fellow humanity.


Lyle & Allyson Phillips

Founder/International Director

Lyle B. Phillips is the Founder/International Director of Mercy29.

In January 2009, the concept for what was to become Mercy29 took hold of my heart. I had just arrived home from Mozambique, East Africa. It was there on the beach one day that my destiny collided with a smiling, 7 year old semi-orphan girl named Zaina. It was then I knew I would spend the rest of my life giving hope to children like her.

Spencer Phillips

Director of Development

Spencer is one cool dude with a passion to change the world. And he’ll be adding more info here very soon!

Joshua Stevens

Website Designer/Developer

I’ve been designing and developing websites for more than eight years, but before that time I worked at a youth center in northern Indiana, and traveled internationally with a program that sent me to Mexico City. Those experiences gave me zeal to see young people fulfill their purpose in life. I believe that some of those affected by systemic poverty now will one day rise up to be some of greatest world changers in history!