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Lattes for Legacies


What it is:
“Lattes for Legacies” is an over-simplified support program designed to make it possible for everyone to give financially towards changing the state of the world’s poorest people.

In the West, the price of one latte at your local coffee shop is around $3. Most people buy several cups of coffee each week. According to recent statistics the average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee per day. “Lattes for Legacies” has been created specifically for this majority, as well as anyone who can afford to purchase just one latte a week.

$3 a week can be unconsciously given by almost anyone!

Crunching the numbers:
By creating this incredibly easy, inexpensive, broad audience appealing opportunity to change lives participation will happen. A large amount of participation however is what is needed for success. One person giving just $3 a week is only $156 a year. But, one thousand people giving just $3 a week is $156,000 a year. And then, five thousand people giving just $3 a week is $780,000 a year!

(This program will require the use of PayPal, so these figures cannot be exact.)

Participates will “subscribe” monthly at $12. These funds will be automatically withdrawn from their account via PayPal, as with any other electronic bill pay.

Other Information:
This is not a sponsorship program. This program supports children, just not as directly as in a sponsorship situation. “Lattes for Legacies” was created for the purpose of increasing our annual ability to redistribute money to the poor as well as cover airfare expenses for traveling to help them personally. "