Feed Children Rescued from War in Congo

Kinshasa, DR Congo Organization: Justice Rising

This project provides three meals a day to each child in the Justice Rising Children’s Home in DR Congo for six months.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest and most populous country in Central Africa. Since 1998, the nation has been ravaged by war. Some estimates include more than one million people being violently killed as a result, along with more than five million refugees dying of starvation and disease. That makes the war in Congo the deadliest since World War II.

In 2009, it was reported that in Congo, 45,000 people die each month as a result of this conflict. This is not only due to violence, but widespread famine.

Most of those that die due to starvation are younger than five years old. Civilians are frequently killed, property is often destroyed without reason, and sexual violence is rampant.

The Congo is in desperate need of help.

And that’s where Justice Rising comes in.

Justice Rising specifically targets areas of active conflict and unrest. They confess being drawn into places that most write off and deem “impossible”.

In active war zones of the Congo, Justice Rising has helped to establish homes for rescued children as well as four school programs. These classrooms have now become some of the most successful in all of the nation!

Upon the completion of this project, all food costs for the Justice Rising Children’s Home in DR Congo will be covered for six months. Let’s feed some babies!

Feed Children Rescued from War in Congo

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