Feed Children Rescued from War in Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia Organization: Undisclosed

This project provides three meals a day to each child in a children’s home in Somalia.

A devasting civil war has continued in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia for almost twenty years now. This war has left little but ruins behind. Bombings and shootings are commonplace here, as well as an extreme shortage of food and thousands of refugees in need of help.

Due to the state of the city, few government offices are able to function. Thankfully, a non-government organization has emerged to establish homes for children orphaned by war.

Our partner organization works on the ground in Somalia. They establish children’s homes, schools, construct playgrounds, parks, and community centers in desperate neighborhoods. Their goal is that these community centers become hubs of positive activity—promoting mental, emotional, physical, and economic well being.

Once this project is completed, all food costs for the a children’s home in Somalia will be covered for six months.

Feed Children Rescued from War in Somalia

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