Help Build a Self-Sustainable Campus for Children with a School and Clinic in India

Lucknow, India Organization: TellAsia Blue Haven Children's Home

This project helps to fund a self-sustainable TellAsia campus in India, complete with a home for orphaned children, a K-12 school, and a medical clinic.

The Gangetic Plain of North India is a difficult place for children to grow up. The area is a hotspot for human trafficking. Each year, there are thousands of children that are bought and sold in the region as part of the sex slave trade.

There are an estimated 30 million children suffering there now as a result of poverty and malnutrition. And without help, these children will face a miserable future.

In 2005, the TellAsia Blue Haven Children’s Home was founded to become a solution to this crisis. Today, Blue Haven is home to 33 beautiful children.

At the Children’s Home, each child is provided with the best education available. Every child even has their own computer! Their home is a place of singing and joy—a true lighthouse in the midst of the darkness of the Gangetic Plain.

The current costs of providing these 33 children with this loving environment and education is around $32,000 a year. But, TellAsia has a plan. They are preparing to construct an entirely self-sustainable children’s home, school, and medical clinic for the community.

That means, that once this project is complete, there will no longer be any need for outside financial support. This is history making!

Land has been purchased for this project and TellAsia is in the final phase of making this dream a reality. All that’s left is to construct the buildings!

Classes are scheduled to begin in March, 2016. $10,000 is not all that TellAsia must raise to make this project possible, but this amount will greatly contribute to their cause and bring them one step closer to one of the world’s few completely self-sustainable homes for orphaned children.

Help Build a Self-Sustainable Campus for Children with a School and Clinic in India

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