Provide a Playground for Child Refugees in the Middle East

Amman, Jordan Organization: The Hope Project

This project provides a brand new playground for child refugees living in Amman, Jordan.

There are nearly three million displaced Syrian refugees living throughout the Middle East. Of this number, about one-third have fled to Jordan.

War has devastated these refugee families. MillionsĀ have been forced from their homes into foreign lands with little to no assistance. The UNHCR has cited the situation as being one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time.

The Hope Project is there to help.

The Hope Project is a non-profit, volunteer-led aid organization that serves Syrian refugees in Jordan.

The organization works directly with trained psychologists to develop clinical programs that help refugees recover from the traumas of war.

One of the ways that they do this is by providing freeĀ opportunities for children to play and have fun. Believe it or not, children are charged money to play on the only playground in the area. And for most of these refugee families, this is simply unaffordable.

Once this project is completed, The Hope Project will construct a brand new playground set and provide free play to all children, especially Syrian refugees. Every child should have the opportunity to have fun!

Provide a Playground for Child Refugees in the Middle East

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